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Dust collector

Dust collector

Protech dust collectors are designed and manufactured in full compliance with D.G.R.3552-Schedule D.MF.02, which establishes the standards for atmospheric emissions, filtration speed and measurement and control systems, in order to respect the environment and preserve the filter cartridges for as long as possible.

Our dust collectors use regenerable polyester fabric cartridges with a high filter surface area, guaranteeing a dust residue to the chimney less than 3mg/Nm3.

Cartridge cleaning is automatically managed by an electronic economiser, which constantly measures the degree of clogging and generates an alarm when the cartridges need to be remanufactured or replaced.

The blasting unit is connected to the blasting chamber by means of galvanised sheet metal suction ducts and front-protected dust collection inlets to avoid unnecessary and costly wastage of abrasive.

The exhaust chimney, equipped with sleeves for emission control, completes the scope of supply.  

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