Blasting plants

Blasting plants

Protech designs and manufactures customised blasting and shot peening equipment to best meet the needs of its customers and to solve any critical issues related to the treatment of parts of all sizes.

Protech plants normally consist of the following parts:

  • blasting chamber (and related components)
  • abrasive recovery system (total with rubber scraper profiles or partial with hopper and auger, bucket elevator, abrasive sorter and dust collector)
  • dust collector (dry filter with regenerable cartridges)
  • blasting machine with dual remote control
  • operator protection kit
  • certified breathing air purifier
  • breathable air conditioner
  • electrical control panel (also for Industry 4.0)

After listening to the customer’s needs, Protech designs its systems by dimensioning each component based on the required activity and ensuring the best possible efficiency in terms of work cycle, abrasive recovery and selection, and air purification inside the chamber.

Protech grants a 24-month warranty on all non-wearing components for all its systems.