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Blasting chamber

Blasting chamber

Protech blast chambers are highly robust, sturdy and soundproof.

Protech not only uses self-supporting panels for the external structure, but also designs its chambers with an adequate number of beams and columns that make the entire cabin skeleton highly resistant. In addition, the insulation panels used to clad the structure are characterised by excellent construction quality and a high density of polyurethane foam, thus guaranteeing a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. Acoustic insulation is further enhanced by the installation of soundproofed air intakes; Protech does not simply make openings in the cabin walls.

Inside, the walls of the blasting chamber are completely protected by a rubber covering firmly fixed to them using special profiles. This solution allows Protech systems to feature coverings that are firmly adhered to the walls, with the advantage of preventing:

  • any coverings that are not properly fastened can move, tear, get damaged and create noise inside and outside the booth, thus not soundproofing it properly
  • the blasting jet can reach (and possibly damage) the inside of the cabin panels
  • possible residues of material could form between the cladding and the internal walls, which could cause the cladding itself to detach

In addition to suitably sized ventilation systems, which we will discuss later, Protech guarantees excellent visibility inside its sandblasting chambers thanks to the use of high-efficiency, low-consumption LED lights (so-called SuperLed), which guarantee a brightness of 600/700 lumens on the work surface. In order to avoid as much as possible that these lights get damaged during the working cycles, leading to reductions in brightness or replacement costs for its customers, Protech has chosen to protect each SuperLed by applying an additional tempered glass and a specific protective steel grid.

Finally, to ensure the safety of the operators, Protech applies electrical safety switches (non-bypassable) to each door and access door to the blasting chamber. Unintentional opening of any access to the chamber causes the blasting jet to stop immediately.

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