Recovery blasters

Recovery blasters

PROTECH manufactures a complete range of recovery blasting equipment designed to solve the most different issues associated with this type of work.

PROTECH recovery blasters are wheeled equipment, designed to carry out localised blasting or cleaning operations without any dispersion of dust and/or abrasive, able to blast and instantly recover the abrasive used by means of a special brush head.

All PROTECH recovery blasting machines are equipped with a compressed air pressure regulator to control the blasting power, and with a pneumatic remote control to start and stop the working cycle (managed by a handle valve equipped with a safety blocking system and a pneumatic circuit, with a double sheathed hose to prevent any accidental start).

The recovery blasting system becomes, in some cases, attractive and competitive because:

  • completely solves environmental and safety issues
  • reduces preparation time for shielding the surface to be treated
  • eliminates recovery problems

Some interesting applications of this type of processing are as follows:

  • cleaning and polishing of welds on stainless steel products as an alternative to using acids
  • cleaning and decorating marble, glass, crystal, wood, steel, ABS, etc.
  • blasting of cylinders following mechanical machining on a lathe (for this type of application, it is possible to automate the blasting cycle by locking the brush head near the tool turret)
  • carrying out localised blasting operations on metalwork or welded seams without damaging or affecting adjacent parts
  • cleaning work on details such as stone, marble or granite staircases or balconies without blocking the passage of people, emptying rooms or protecting furniture, fittings or machinery