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Kit for aero-hydro blasters mod. WBK10

Kit for aero-hydro blasters mod. WBK10

The WBK10 aero-hydro blasting kit can be used on Modular machines and, with appropriate modifications, on all Protech blasting machines equipped with remote control.

This kit foresees the addition of water to the air-abrasive mixture in order to obtain the following advantages in the various fields of application:

  • gradual and steady reduction of the dust until its total elimination
  • decrease in compressed air consumption (up to about 25%) proportional to the increase in the quantity of water added to the air-abrasive mixture

The WBK10 kit, due to its characteristics, also allows:

  • automatic interruption of the water flow when the blasting machine is stopped
  • adjustment of the water quantity by the operator from where he is working
  • constant water flow rate of 2.5 lt/min up to a maximum distance of 80 mt

N.B. The system can be supplied by connection to the water mains or, alternatively, by means of a water containment tank

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