Complete systems

Complete systems

Particularly suitable for blasting in civil environments with a 3 KW counter, the Alpha 8/8X GEM2 blasting systems can be used for building work, restoration, carpentry, marble cleaning, urban decoration and all activities where it is not possible to use large compressors.

Easy to handle, practical and compact, the Alpha8/8X GEM2 blasting systems are the solution as original equipment for your blasting works!

The Alpha8/8X GEM2 blasting systems generally consist of:

  • blasting machine mod. Alphajet 8 (or 8X depending on the system) complete with 4 mt of hose for abrasive and nozzles with hole dia. 3 and 4 mm (blasting machines also available in HANDGUN version)
  • air extension 10/23 composed of 10 air hose dia. 13×23 mm, with fittings for connecting compressor-blasting machine
  • complete hood mod. RC4 with 1 set of spare parts for normal wear (n. 1 aerosol filter + n. 10 glasses 100×140 mm)
  • kg. 100 of abrasive type GMA with 2-litres abrasive loading dispenser
  • 2.2 KW single-phase 220 volt wheeled electric compressor,mod. QEM22R, complete with 24-litres tank