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sabbiatrici pneumatiche

Protech's Sandblasting machines and their tanks in pressure are manufactured and tested at our factory in Lainate according to European laws 2014/68/UE PED with European certification N. 1131.

The manufacture is carried out placing the upper part concave towards the inside. In this way, all sandblasting machines do not need a hopper and therefore, for similar capacities, the charging level is lower. The tank is equipped with handhole to aid internal inspection and highly sensitive valve for the tank closure. Every machine or equipment is equipped with coupler points to carry out the lifting in a correct way and is supplied with instruction handbook for the use and maintenance.

Protech sandblasting machines, supplied with the control devices for security, have CE marking according to the European Directive Of Machines 2006/42/CE and they are also supplied complete with a CE conformity declaration.

All the sandblasting machines having the CE marking, equipped with pneumatic remote control device to start and stop the sandblasting cycle, with aluminium handlevalve complete with security locking system and sheathed double hose to avoid eventual accidental startingi.

All free-spray sandblasting machines can be completed with hose for abrasive, sandblasting nozzle and sandblasting mask.