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The first sandblasting machine that, tanks to its modulating jet, allows to exploit the power supplied from the compressor. Adjusting, opportunely , the working pressure and using the most suitable nozzle and kind of inert, Micrajet allows to CARRY OUT CLEANING AND/OR SANDBLASTING WORKS, USING ANY AIR COMPRESSOR.

MICRAJET, easy to handle and use, has been designed and built to carry out cleaning, sandblasting, micro-sandblasting and/or restoration works of any surface (facades, stone, bricks, baked, travertine, wood, glass, copper, iron, stainless steel , etc.)

MICRAJET does not need of electric energy and it is available with two models: MICRAJET 8 (base model) and MICRAJET 8VR (plus model) that, compared with the base model, is equipped with an advanced system for having the possibility of using the finest inert.

MICRAJET is a sandblasting machine with remote control, with CE marking, having a tank with capacity litres 8, built, tested according the updated European Norms (PED) at our factory in Lainate for a max working pressure of 8 bar. It is supplied equipped with:

  • safety valve tested according to DIRECTIVE 97/23/CE (PED)
  • manometer
  • working pressure regulation system from 0,05 to 8 bar
  • load hopper complete with sifter sieve
  • rubber wheels for easy manipulation
  • valve for abrasive and/or inert adjustment
  • sensor for remote control complete with hoses to work at a distance of m.4
  • valve for abrasive/inert load and tank pressuring
  • work-equipment composed of m. 4 blast hose dia. 13x21 with couplings
  • nozzle (only core) made from tungsten carbide dia.3xL= 20 mm

optional extra nozzles: mm.1,5 x L=20 mm 4 e mm 5x L=40


PROTECH Micrajet 8

Micrajet 8

PROTECH Micrajet 8VR

Micrajet 8VR