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Protech sabbiatrici
Protech Srl is a company, established in 1982, with a managing and productive staff deriving from other companies which are manufacturers of sandblasting machines, machines for treatment of surfaces and plants for free-spray sandblasting, and now it manufactures tanks for sandblasting machines approved according to European laws 2014/68/UE PED with EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION N. 1131.
Therefore the firm can boast of a multiyear, engineering, commercial and manufacturing experience and a particular knowledge of all problems concerning free-spray sandblasting. The machines, which are illustrated on this site, are totally manufactured at the factory located in Lainate (MI).
Protech Srl, leader on the Italian market of free-spray sandblasting machines, manufactures and sales more than 800 machines per year and it is able to give a proper and punctual assistance to its own customers through more than 150 sale points located in Italy, Europe, North Africa and Middle East.


The ever growing requirement for sophisticated, and consequently costly, machinery and tools has created the need for highly protective coatings designed to preserve these materials against corrosion and wear.
The application of these coatings, invariably requires a through cleaning of the surfaces that may be obtained by sanding; that is by spraying abrasive into the surface to be treated: an operation that exploits the kinetic energy of compressed air. The abrasives, of various forms and nature, on impact remove the surface layer from the workpiece. It is clear that different surfaces and finishes require different types of abrasive and different power.
We at Protech do not just build a vast range of machinery and tools but we also study customers' problems and do our very best to solve them. In fact, we perform a consultancy service that is highly specialized in order to advise, for every type of surface to be treated, the right tools and the right way to use them to obtain the desired result. It is probable that our willingness to interest ourselves in our customers' problems has been the major contributing factor to our success.

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