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A complete coverage in perforated and suitably reinforced steel sheet plates that covers three or plus 200 mm, deep troughs containing our own particular scraping recovery system, soundproofed with straps.
Int. chamber 15x7x6H (5 scrapers + track) closed roof
Int. chamber 15x7x6H (5 scrapers + track) open roof
Ins.chamber 5x4,5x4H (3 scapers+rail) open roof
INside chamber 11x6x6hH (3+1 scrapers) with walkways
Int.chamber 14x11x8h (4+1 scrap.) for casting blocks
Inside Chamber 6x5x5h with Motorized Trolley 20 Tons
Inside chamber 18x5x5h (4+1 scraper + rail)
Interior chamber 8x4x4H
Interior chamber 20x6x4,5H
Inside Chamber 15x5x4,5 with Motorized Trolley 20 Tons
Ins.chamber 15x5x5H (3+1 scapers+rail)
Inside Chamber 15x5x4,7H
Inside Chamber 7x4x3,5H with cut for electric hoist
Inside chamber 10x5,5x5/h (5+1 scrapers)
Inside chamber 19x6x5h (4+1 scraper + rail)
Interior chamber 18x6x5,5H
Interior chamber 16x5x4H (3+1 scrapers)
Inside chamber 13x4x4hH (3+1 scrapers)
Inside chamber 40x6x6,5H (5+5 longitudinal scrapers)
Inside Chamber 27x7x6,5H
Inside Chamber 10x4x4H