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The ventilation system continuously refluxes the powder and residual dust downwards, thus ensuring excellent visibility inside the chamber.
This occurs using large area cartridge filters that are continuously cleaned by jets of compressed air.

Cartridges in our filters are a type with charge from the top. In this way, during the normal maintenance operations, the operator has not to enter in the filter (as written in American regulation)

N.B.: the dust shield can guarantee a level of residual dust at the discharge pipe of less than 3 MMgr/N c.m.
Dust remover with silencer able to reduce the noise until a value lower then 80 DbA.
Dust remover 10C - HP20
Dust Shield 20 C - HP 30
Dust shield 20 C
Dust Shield Sm.580 Hp60
Dust shield 12 C with air recycling into ambient
Dust shield with double ventilation HP25+25
Dust shield HP25 with silencer and motorized valve
Dust remover 14C - HP 25 with radial motorized valve for ''big-bag''
Dust remover 50.000 mch - HP 60 with 2 big-bag
Dust remover 24C - HP40
Dust shield HP15 with aspiration system from 2 plants
Dust remover 10C - HP20
Dust Shield 10C
Dust remover HP 50 with 2 drums