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Protech manufactures shot-blasting plant to measure to work out all problem concerning the treatement of pieces having different size. Normally, these plants are composed of following parts:

  • RECOVERY SYSTEM of abrasive (scraping carpet or hopper, Archimedean screw, bucket elevator, pneumatic sifter and silo)
  • DUST SHIELD (dry filter with cartridges)
  • Operated remote control SANDBLASTING MACHINE


Preferably, the chambers are built composed of modular bent panels, including stiffening ribs, that may be assembled together with bolts.

This solution results more expensive in comparison to the welded type, but it offers the following advantages:

  • easy movement from one place to another
  • ease if it is necessary a second door
  • quick assembly

A set of adequate lamps for lighting and internal covering of black anti-abrasive rubber complete the chamber, and limits rumor.


The scraping total recovery system of abrasive allows to work continously without worrying about the abrasive which is scattered while working. Infact, the abovesaid system provides for the recovery, cleaning and recycling of used abrasive.

This system offers the following advantages:

  • wear resistance of scraping straps
  • clean basins perfectly
  • noiseless
  • very low costs for civil works (H = 200mm.)
  • the recovery system can be leant on the floor (inexistent costs for civil works)


For the air cleaning inside the chamber our company provides for installation of dry dust shields with self-cleaning cartridges by means of compressed air jets. The filtering cartridges are inserted from the top, therefore during the usual maintenance, the operator has not to go into the filter (in compliance with the American standards). This filter type allows us to ensure a very good visibility inside the chamber and that the filtered air has a maximum dust residue of not more than 2/3 at the exhaust chimney.


The sandblasting machine, with the plant included, is equipped with remote control, automatic filling of abrasive and is complete with all indispensable accessories for a good execution of sandblasting work.


An electric board in compliance with standards, designed to avoid any block and to ensure a check of every electric equipment, completes the plant

Our company, since its establishment in 1982, projects plant to measure which are built and installed according to up-to-date, national and international standards, and are guaranteed for any defect, for 2 years from functioning.
Our engineers will be pleased to give you further explanation and moreover, to submit to you all solution proper to solve your problems.